Ghashful works for financial inclusion for farmers with Forward market access, domain specific training for capacity building to produce quality products. and advice services for their Sustainable business growth.

Donor/ Investor

This is a platform where donors and investors offer financing for the farmers and MSME entrepreneurs - to support for achieving the UN sustainable development goals. Donors and investors can impact the socio-economic development process.

Forward Market

Ghashful works as an alternative distribution channel to link back yard linkage with the forward market. Farmers from remote rural areas that do not have direct access to the forward market could sell their products directly to the forward market with a better profit margin.

Banks/ FI

This platform creates opportunities for the banks and FIs to reach the unprivileged and unbanked farmers and SMEs. Besides, our partner banks and FIs offer financial support and loans for the affiliated farmers and SMEs of Ghashful.

Sustainable Business Growth of SME

SMEs participate in the value chains of large firms, and their non-financial performance will affect the metrics of those corporations. We provide examples of what may occur when SMEs view sustainability as a vector for innovation, influence, and growth rather than just a matter of compliance. Therefore, Ghashful takes measures to ensure the sustainability of the farmers and SMEs. These measures include capacity building to quality production, access to the forward market to get better profits, and financial inclusion with the traditional banking system for expanding the current business

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Alternative Distribution channel

In the agriculture value-chain of Bangladesh, more frequently intermediaries play a key role of connecting products and services among suppliers and buyers by arranging all the intermediate value-addition services, i.e., local transportation, grading, sorting, packing, labourers’ arrangements and storage facilities, if required. Farmers or small agro-traders cannot facilitate such services due to either lack of infrastructure in the rural areas or lack of resources to finance such facilities instantly. This results in intermediaries playing a key role in price determination, influence on crops supply, and logistics arrangements and taking much of the risks of transactions.

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Financial inclusion

In rural areas of Bangladesh, there are many farmers, producers, micro, small & medium entrepreneurs (MSME) who are still unbanked and not included with the regular financial system. This platform enables its affiliated members of these groups to get finance from the partner banks for their business growth. To avail the finance, Ghashful helps those farmers and MSMEs to be included with the financial system.

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Ensuring Quality Product

Ghasful conducts free training programs for domain specific capacity building of the farmers and MSMEs. In these training programs, participant MSMEs are able to learn how to produce and preserve quality products. They get knowledge about cultivation, watering,fertilizers, use of pesticides and harvesting.

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